Build by machinist for machinist.

Build by machinist for machinist.

Safety guards for machine tools.

Drill Press Guard

We are machinists ourselves! It is therefore with our expertise that we have designed a safe and ergonomic drill press guard. The opening to the left facilitates handling, its installation is quick and versatile. Plus, 180 degree protection is provided by a 1⁄4” thick polycarbonate cover.

Milling Guard

A premium polycarbonate milling guard that limits direct access to this machine tool’s rotary chuck. The rear opening facilitates its use and does not clutter the operator who machines a part. A safety switch forces the milling machine to stop if the milling guard move.

Lathe lead screw cover

The quality of the materials used and its black powder coating provide long term durability of the lathe lead screw guard. The most dangerous thing when operating a lathe is the possibility of an operator’s clothing being dragged by the lathe lead screw and attracting the operator to the moving parts. This is why the protective tape covers the screw at all times.

Lathe chuck guard

Helps protect the operator from chips, and entanglement with the rotating chuck. The lathe chuck guard pivot quickly attaches near the machine tool to provide 180 degree turn protection without obstructing the operator’s view. Like all of our security guards, a stopper is engaged when the lathe chuck guard opens.
This is an lathe chuck guard xl, mout on a bleu lathe fro the product line procyon safe machine guarding

Lathe chuck guard xl

It offers the same components as our regular waist chuck guard. The xl lathe chuck guard, however, has a metal frame on the 1⁄4 ” thick polycarbonate cover. This is how it provides better rigidity and protection taking into account its larger dimensions.

Lathe carriage guard

A simple adjustment is required for the lathe carriage guard installation to fit all lathe models. The pivoting structure of this guard simply attaches to the carriage to follow the movement of the machine tool during operations.

This is an lathe chuck guard xl, mout on a bleu lathe fro the product line procyon safe machine guarding

Electrical Safety Box

We offer you electrical stop and start boxes for machine tools with an emergency stop button.